Understanding Part 36 Offers Through Hugh Grant’s Legal Battle

In the world of litigation, navigating the complexities of settlement offers, court rules, and the potential risks and rewards of proceeding to trial can be a daunting task. The case of Hugh Grant versus The Sun publisher, News Group Newspapers (NGN), serves as a prime example of the strategic decisions involved in legal disputes and […]

Is a payment on account of costs enforceable?

Possibly for the first time that this point has been considered by the courts, it was recently held by the High Court in Patel and Others v Awan and Another [2024] EWHC 464 (Ch) that a payment on account of costs under Rule 44.2(8) of the Civil Procedural Rules (CPR) is enforceable like any other […]

Collateral use of disclosed documents under CPR 31.22(2)

In the recent decision of Various Claimants v Mercedes-Benz Group Ag and others [2024] EWHC 695 (KB), the High Court provides some noteworthy comments for any party seeking to prevent the collateral use of disclosed documents under Rule 31.22(2) of the Civil Procedural Rules (CPR). What is the background to the Mercedes-Benz Group case? On […]

Are documents held by a third party disclosable?

In the recent decision of The Public Institution for Social Security v Al-Wazzan and Others [2024] EWHC 480 (Comm), applications seeking disclosure of documents held by third parties on the basis that these were under the "practical control" of the respondents were refused by the High Court. What are the facts of PIFSS v Al-Wazzan? […]

Do statutory limitation periods apply to unfair prejudice claims?

The "received wisdom" for several decades has been that unfair prejudice petitions under section 994 of the Companies Act 2006 are not subject to periods of limitation. However, in the landmark decision of the Court of Appeal (CA) in THG Plc v Zedra Trust Co (Jersey) Ltd [2024] EWCA Civ 158 (handed down on 23 […]

Discretion of the court when granting freezing orders

A freezing order is an interim measure granted by a court to prevent a person or business from being able to dispose of or deal with their assets prior to any judgment being enforced. These orders are wide-reaching, with the power to restrain all types of assets, including bank accounts, shares, property, land and investments, […]

Company directors can still be liable for civil contempt

In the recent decision of ADM International Sarl v Grain House International SA and Elhachmi Boutgueray [2024] EWCA Civ 33, the Court of Appeal (CA) has confirmed that company directors can still be liable for civil contempt following revisions made to Part 81 of the Civil Procedural Rules (CPR) in 2020. Below we look briefly […]

Unfair prejudice petitions and fair offers for shares

Unfair prejudice petitions are a form of statutory protection afforded to minority shareholders in the context of shareholder disputes. Accordingly, pursuant to section 994 of the Companies Act (CA) 2006, provided an aggrieved minority shareholder can show that the company's affairs are being or have been conducted in a manner that is unfairly prejudicial to […]

Tips for dealing with commercial disputes

Failure to resolve a commercial dispute can have serious consequences that extend beyond the immediate parties involved. If unresolved, these conflicts can lead to strained business relationships and can tarnish a company's reputation in the industry. Furthermore, prolonged disputes can result in significant financial losses due to legal fees and lost business opportunities. In the […]

Personal guarantees: will the court order that the original documents should be disclosed?

In litigation, the fundamental purpose of disclosure is to make available any evidence which either supports or undermines the respective parties' cases where, under Part 31 of the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR), parties are required to disclose to each other any documents that damage their case, as well as any helpful documents. Needless to say, […]
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