Construction Contracts and Collateral Warranties

I am taking a look at collateral warranties this week and the Technology and Construction Court decision in the case of Toppan Holdings Limited and 1 other v Simply Construct (UK) LLP. Background The claimants made an application to court for summary judgment to enforce adjudication decisions against the defendant, Simply. Simply had undertaken construction […]

Enforcement of adjudication awards: Prater Limited v John Sisk & Son [2021]

Prater Limited v John Sisk & Son (Holdings) Limited was handed down in the TCC in April 2021. The case will be of interest to lawyers and construction professionals managing the enforcement of adjudication awards. In the context the enforcement of an adjudication decision, the court was asked to determine whether the adjudicator had jurisdiction […]
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Dealing With Commercial Disputes

On 28 November 2019, I was delighted to be invited to speak at the AMPS Power Connections Conference in Manchester.  My presentation was a whistle stop tour of the litigation process in England and Wales.  I explained that dealing with court proceedings can be unpredictable and expensive and that it is therefore important to get […]

The Dispute Adviser

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