In a recent decision concerning the power of the court to compel parties to enter into alternative dispute resolution (ADR), it was held by the Court of Appeal that compulsory referral by the court is an option that parties may now be faced with. Below we look at the decision in Churchill v Merthyr Tydfil […]

About Melissa

I am a solicitor working in England and Wales. I help businesses and private individuals to resolve and manage their disputes.

At work I deal with most types of civil disputes including contractual disputes, professional negligence claims and company disputes. I also represent professional clients being investigated by their disciplinary body.  My other legal interests (but not stuff I advise on at work) include access to justice,  legal ethics and civil liberties.

This blog consists of my own views and opinions. If you need legal advice, you should visit a solicitor and discuss your case with them.  The Law Society holds a list of all solicitors in England and Wales.

Please do not rely on this blog as a substitute for legal advice.  I cannot give any legal advice on this blog.  If you want to instruct me, you can do so via my firm.  I work at Bexley Beaumont and I am a partner is the firm's Corporate and Commercial Disputes Team. You can find out how to instruct me here.

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